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Basics - PollEverywhere
Poll Everywhere is an online application that lets you create interactive polls instantly with several options for participation from respondents. For information on using Poll Everywhere in PowerPoint presentations, visit the Polls in PowerPoint page.

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How It Works

Step 1:Create your poll, either online or using the Poll Everywhere mobile application.Step 2:Participants respond to your poll on a computer, using their phones, or through Twitter.Step 3:Responses (up to 40 are free) are recorded and shown online or in PowerPoint. Results can be saved for presentation later or shown live during a meeting or class session.
Types of Polls

There are 5 different types of polls available. Each one has unique benefits and approaches to asking for participation from your respondents.

1. Multiple ChoiceA traditional multiple choice question with several options for respondents to choose from.

2. Free ResponseA short answer question which allows for participants to write their own short responses.
3. True or FalseA traditional True/False question where respondents have only those options.
4. Clickable ImagesA question which allows participants to respond by clicking on images provided by the poll creator.
5. DiscourseA voting-based question which allows users to vote positively or negatively for each answer option.

Additional Features

Further support includes using images as response options, using LaTeX syntax, and support for foreign languages.

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For more information on creating polls, watch this Poll Everywhere instructional video.

For information on how to use Polls in a PowerPoint presentation, visit the Polls in PowerPoint page.

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