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Playlists - YouTube
You can create a playlist, or a saved collection of videos, on YouTube. This can include videos you've uploaded, or any other videos that are hosted on YouTube. You can also share and embed playlists on your blog or website. Playlists are an easy way to access and share multiple videos in one link.

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Share Playlist


Create New Playlist

Step 1:Log in to YouTube and navigate to your videos.

Step 2:
Select Playlists from the Video Manager menu on the left side of the page.

Step 3:
Click the New playlist button in the upper right corner.

Step 4:Name the playlist. Click Create playlist

Step 5:
Under the title of the playlist, choose Playlist settings

Step 6:

Edit the playlist options. 
Step 7:
Click Save when you are finished. 

Add Your Videos to Playlist
How to add your uploaded videos to a playlist you've created.

Step 1:Under the Playlists page, click on the playlist where you would like to add a video

Step 2:

Click Add Video on the right of the playlist screen.

Step 3:

You will see 3 options for adding a video: Video Search, URL, or Your YouTube Videos. Video Search allows you to add videos from elsewhere on YouTube. URL allows you to paste the URL of a video from other websites. Your YouTube videos allows you to add a video you previously uploaded. Use the one appropriate for you.

Step 4:

Navigate to the video of your choice and make sure it is selected (this is shown by a blue box around the video.) Then click Select.

Step 5:

You have now added a video to your playlist. It will appear in a list underneath the preview.

Add Other Videos to Playlist
You can also add any video that's on YouTube to your playlist. 

Step 1:When logged in to YouTube, search for the video you would like to add to your playlist. 

Search for Video to Add to Playlist
Step 2:
Click on the name of the video to open it. 

Open Video
Step 3:
Under the video, click Add to

Under Video, Click Add To
Step 4:
Click the name of the playlist to which you want to add the video. 

Click Playlist Name
Step 5:
Click OK if you want to show that you've added a video to your playlist on your channel (news feed). Click Don't share videos added to playlists to exclude this information from your channel. 

Choose to Share on Channel or Not

Edit Playlist

Step 1:
Under the playlist name, click Playlist Settings.

Step 2:

From here, you can change the playlist privacy and other playlist settings.

Remember to click Save when you finish.
Step 3:
To remove a video from the playlist, hover over the video and click the X that appears on the right.

Share Playlist

Step 1:
Click on the video preview of the playlist you wish to share.

Step 2:
Select the Share button above the list of videos. 

Step 3:
Choose a social media site on which to share your playlist, or copy the URL if you want to link to it. 

Copy URL or Choose Social Media Site
Step 4:
Click Embed to get the embed code for inserting the playlist on your blog or website. 

Click Embed to Copy Embed Code
Step 5:
Click Email to send the playlist in an email right from the YouTube site. Click Email to Email Playlist

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