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Pictures and Shapes - Microsoft Office
How to edit and adjust pictures. This article shows Word, but most of these functions work in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, and OneNote.

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Move Picture
Crop Picture
Circle Part of a Picture
Callouts Add Text to Shape

Move Picture

Step 1:Click on the picture you wish to move.Step 2:Move the cursor to the middle of the picture. A 4-headed arrow will appear.
Step 3:Drag and drop the picture to the desired location.

A picture is anchored in a paragraph. If the paragraph moves up or down, the picture will also move. If you delete the paragraph, the picture will also be deleted.

Step 1:Click on a picture.Step 2:Note the anchor icon in the left margin. If you want to delete the paragraph that the picture is anchored to, but you don't want to delete the picture, you can drag the anchor to the paragraph above or below the image.

Crop a Picture

Step 1:Double click on the picture you wish to crop. Step 2:Under the Format tab and in the Size group, click the Crop button.

Step 3:
Black crop lines will appear on the picture. Click and drag to adjust the crop size.

Step 4:
Click the Crop button again to apply the crop.

Circle Part of the Picture

Step 1:Click the Insert tab and select Shapes from the Illustrations group.

Step 2:Choose the oval from the Basic Shapes group.

Step 3:Click and drag diagonally over the picture to create a circle or oval. By default, the oval is opaque blue.

Step 4:
To make the oval transparent, click on it. Under the Format tab, choose Shape Fill from the Shape Styles group and then select No Fill.

Step 5:The oval will now be transparent.

Step 6:
To change or remove the border, click to select the oval. Under the Format tab, choose Shape Outline from the Shape Styles group.

Step 7:You can choose No Outline or adjust the width of the border by hovering over Weight and choosing a new thickness.

Insert a caption or word bubble to a picture.

Step 1:Click the Insert tab, then Shapes. Choose the callout type from the Callouts section.

Step 2:Click the part of the picture you want to call attention to. Drag until the callout is the size that you want. Release your click. Step 3:Type your comment in the text box.

Step 4:Resize the text box by dragging a corner handle.

Step 5:Move the box by clicking on the edge. When the 4-headed arrow appears, you can move the box.

Step 6:Shorten the attachment line by clicking on the line and dragging a yellow diamond.

Add Text to a Shape

Step 1:Click the Insert tab and select Shapes. Choose a shape from the list.

Step 2:Right click on the shape and choose Add Text.

Step 3:Type your text in the text box.

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