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Photo Stream - iCloud
Photo Stream allows you to share photos between iOS devices and your computer. Every time you take a photo, it is automatically available on your other devices in the Photo Stream folder. 
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Setup on Device       Setup on Computer 

Setup on Device

Step 1:On your device, go to Settings

Step 2:Tap iCloud

Step 3:Locate and select Photos

Step 4:Toggle My Photo Stream ON
Toggle My Photo Stream ON

Step 5:
Open your Photos
Open Photos

Step 6:You will see an album called My Photo Stream. 
My Photo Stream Album

Step 7:To enable Photo Stream on your other iOS devices, repeat Steps 1-6 on that device. 

Setup on Computer 
You must set up iCloud Photos on your device before setting it up on your computer.

Step 1:Open the iCloud Control Panel. 
iCloud Control Panel

Step 2:
Check Photos, then click Apply
Check Photos, Click Apply

Step 3:Locate and open iCloud Photos. You may search for it on your computer, or find it in your Favorites if it is not saved somewhere else. 
Open iCloud Photos

Step 4:You will see any photos in your Photo Stream or shared streams. 
Photo Stream

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