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Password vs Passcode - iPhone
Setting a password or passcode is the first line of defense in device security. Users may set either based on preference. Instructions for doing so and the differences between a passcode and a password are located below.

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Password vs. Passcode

On iOS devices, you are able to set a four-digit passcode in order to restrict access to your device. Instead of a four-digit passcode, you can also set a password, allowing any combination of letters, symbols and numbers, in order to more securely restrict access. Passwords are more complex than Simple Passcodes but can also be harder to remember. Users should select whichever works best for their use. College policy requires at least a passcode on a college-owned mobile device.

Creating a Simple Passcode

Step 1:Select Settings on your device home screen.

Step 2:Choose the Face ID & Passcode section.

Step 3:Select Turn Passcode On.

Step 4:Enter a 4 digit passcode that will be easy to remember.

Take caution in who you share your password with or where you write it down.

Step 5:Re-enter your passcode.

Step 6:You have now set a Simple Passcode. Use it to access your device.

Also consider changing the time for "Passcode Required" to "Immediately" for the highest security.

Creating a Password

Step 1:After creating a passcode using the instructions above, swipe the green button next to Simple Passcode.

Step 2:Enter your old 4-digit passcode.

Step 3:Enter a password that is easy to remember using any combination of letters, symbols, and numbers.

Do NOT write down your password or share your password with anyone for any reason.

Step 4:Re-type your new password.

Step 5:You have now set a password. Use it to access your device.

Once you set a password, the button next to Simple Passcode will no longer be green.

 Also consider changing the time for "Password Required" to "Immediately" for the highest security.

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