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Password Change - Network
Your Jaynet password is used to log into college email, lab computers, college owned computers, JayWeb, Canvas and the library database. It expires 120 days after you last changed it. 
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Password Rules   Password Expiration     Change Password - OWA  
Change Password - College PC      Change Password - College Mac     

Note: Changing your password once will change the password for the entire network. You will use the new password for logging into Canvas and JayWeb and connecting to the internet on your mobile devices.

If you access your email through an app on your phone or other mobile device, don't forget to change the password in your mail app too. Click here to find instructions to update your password in the app. 

Password Rules

These rules must be followed or you will not be able to change your password.
  • 8 characters minimum
  • Must contain 3 of the following 4 items:
    • Uppercase letter
    • Lowercase letter
    • Number
    • Special character like #
  • Cannot be your username or email address
  • Cannot be the same as your last ten passwords
  • Cannot contain any of Microsoft's banned words (common words like Fall, Password, or Office)
  • Cannot contain any of Microsoft's banned substitutions (like "P@ssword")
Try using a pass phrase, which is a long phrase or sentence that is easy to remember and hard for others to figure out.

Password Expiration
You will receive a warning that your password is about to expire when you log onto a college computer.


If you log on to a college owned computer or Outlook Web App, you will be able to change your password right away. If your password has already expired, the computer or OWA will immediately prompt you to change the password by displaying a dialog box. 

Change Password in Outlook Web App - PC & Mac
You can use OWA ( because it works anywhere you have an internet connection and for everyone with a network account. 

Step 1:Log in to Outlook Web App (OWA). Select the profile picture or initials in the upper right corner and choose View account from the menu.

  Step 2:Click Change Password.

Step 3:Enter your current password, then type your new password twice. At the bottom, click Submit.

Change Password on College Owned Computer

Step 1: Press [Control] + [Alt] + [Delete]. Select Change a password...

Step 2: Enter your user name, old password and new password twice. (JAYNET\ may be in front of your user name). Click the arrow to change your password.

Change Password on College Owned Mac

Step 1:Change your password by following the directions above for changing your password in OWA, then restart your computer.
Step 2:
When you try to log on to your computer with your new password, it will not work. Plug in the Ethernet cable to use the wired network.

Step 3:Enter your new password.
Step 4:You will see a pop up with the text: "The system was unable to unlock your login keychain." Select Update Keychain Password.

Step 5:Enter your old password in the required field when prompted. Click OK.

You can now login with your new password.

Don't forget to change your password for email on ALL devices you connect to the campus network.

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