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Access Network Folders (Public and Private)
A description of Etown network drives, including department shared folders, and how to save files to them. These instructions use a PC. 

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Classes Apps  Save to Drives   
 Video - Network Drives

Note: All campus owned computers should automatically connect to the network drives. If you are a student, you must map the network drives on your own personal computer before accessing them.

SGPS students and facilitators do not have access to network drives.

Username$  Your personal network share (named with your actual username). 
Homedirs  Other people's public folders as well as department and organization folders. 
IM_Reports       Premade reports for Jenzabar users.  
Apps  Application installations, not frequently used. 
Classes  Subfolders for courses and course related topics. 


Public folder: Anyone with an Etown network account can open the files in your Public folder. Only you can add, edit, and delete the files. 
Public Folder
Private folder: Only you can open the files in your Private folder. 
Private Folder

Faculty & Staff Alphabetical: Locate faculty and staff by last name. Open the folder with the first letter of the last name. Then, open the folder with the last name. You can only access the Public folder. 
Faculty & Staff Alphabetical
Faculty & Staff By Department: Search faculty and staff by department. This includes Academic, Executive, and Personnel Council folders. 
Faculty & Staff By Department
Faculty & Staff Shared Folders: Share files within a department. Only people within that department can access the files in the shared folders. 
Faculty & Staff Shared Folders
Organizations: Store club folders. Only the adviser and club members can access their club's folder.
Staff: Contains folders for Continuing Education, Financial Aid, and ITS.
Students: Locate student public folders by last name. Open the folder with the first letter of the last name. Then, open the folder with the last name. You can only access the Public folder. 



Access .pbl files for Jenzabar and InfoMaker. Click Additional Reports and locate the department to find specific files. 

ClassesCourses organized by semester or year-to-year persistent folders. The year-to-year persistent folder contains subfolders for things like math TA's and engineering portfolios. Class Folder Organization

Courses in each semester folder are organized by course code. Instructors must request a course folder. Only the instructor and students in the course can access the folder for that class. The instructor, as well as each student, has their own subfolder within the class folder. Course Codes


Access and install a number of programs. Typically isn't used very much. 
App Folders
Access Network Drives
Step 1: Open your Computer menu. 
Computer Menu
Step 2: The drives are located under Network Location. Drives Under Network LocationSaving Files to Network Folders/Drives

Note: Files that are saved to the network are backed up every night, so you won't lose them if your computer fails. 

Click here for Mac instructions. 

Step 1: In a program, such as Word, go to File and choose Save As
Save File As
Step 2:
The network drives are listed in the left pane. Choose where you would like to store the file. 
Choose Network Drives
Step 3: Name the file, then click Save
Save File

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