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Multiple User Editing - Office Applications
Multiple users can edit a single Office 365 document at one time. These instructions will detail how to share and edit a document with Etown network users, and non-Etown network users in Office 365. 
Step 1:Open a web browser. These instructions will use Google Chrome. 

Step 2:Type in "" in the search bar.

Step 3:Click on the button next to Office 365.
Step 4:Select the program you would like to use. These instructions will use Word Online. 

Step 5:Select the type of document you would like to use, or open the document you would like to share. 

Step 6:Click the Share button.

Step 7:Type in the emails for the users you would like to add. You may include a message explaining the document you are sharing. You can change viewing privileges here too. Then click Share

Step 8:As you type the email, office is looking for the email in your contact list.

Step 9:After you click share, they will receive an email notification. You will also receive a notification that looks like this:

Step 10:Now you can edit together!

Step 11:To share with someone outside the Etown Network, follow steps 1-7. Then type in the non-Etown Netwrok email here. If you share with a person outside the Etown Network, they will have to have or create an Office 365 account. Etown users have free access to Office 365 Business & School Account. 

Step 12:The non-Etown Network user will receive an email that looks like this:

Step 13:They will have to sign in with a Microsoft account.Sharing with individuals outside the Etown network can be difficult. Please contact the Help Desk for alternatives.

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