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Multiple Calendars - Outlook
You can create multiple calendars in Outlook. This allows you to separate personal events from work events, and you can designate one calendar for sharing.
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Outlook Desktop App
Outlook Web App

Outlook Desktop App

Step 1:Open Outlook to your Calendar.

Step 2:Click the Folder tab and select New Calendar.

Step 3:Enter a name for the new calendar. Outlook will automatically create the Calendar items. SMake sure the folder is with your other Calendars. Click OK.
Step 4:The new calendar will be listed under My Calendars. Place a check next to the name to view it. You may add your events and share the calendar.


Outlook Web App

Step 1:
Click the square in the top left hand corner and select Calendar

Step 2:
Click on Add calendar in the left menu.

Step 3:

Type the name of the new calendar you would like to create, then press the [Enter] key to save it.

Step 4:

Click the calendar name in the left menu to highlight it and display that calendar. You can select more than one calendar to view at the same time.
Step 5:
When creating a new event, don't forget to select the specific calendar you would like to add the event to.
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