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Multi-Factor Authentication
ITS has introduced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). But what is it, and how do you use it?

What is MFA?

In short, MFA means an additional action (or factor) is needed to authenticate your account before gaining access to the system, software, webpage or tool. This step makes sure the person logging in is actually who they say they are, rather than some malicious actor who is trying to get into our network/systems.

Why is Elizabethtown College requiring MFA?

MFA is a vital action toward increasing security and protecting not only Elizabethtown College, but the privacy, safety, finances, and reputations of our Students, Faculty, Administration, and Staff. Cyber-criminals are always on the attack. While we are combating phishing every day, successful attacks do occur, as well as leaked or stolen passwords on the internet.

Complete the following two steps to set up MFA:

Step 1: Decide!! – What authentication method works best for you??
Step 2: Register!! – After deciding which method works best for you, then follow instructions to register.

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