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How to recognize and prevent malware, or malicious software such as viruses and spam, from infecting your computer. Malware can cause pop-ups and slow down your computer, and it can also result in stolen information.

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Recognize Malware

Email Links and Attachments: Watch out for spam or phishing email messages, as well as file attachments that end in .exe. Learn more about email safety

Website Links and Downloads: Be careful what you click, and check the URL. More information about safe web browsing.

Vulnerable Operating Systems: Hackers can find a breach in an operating system, device, or software that allows them to place malware on your computer. 

Most malware comes from the user's action, meaning that the user clicks on something that will bring the malware onto the computer. 

Prevent Malware
  • Upgrade to your computer's latest operating system (Windows 7 or 8), as upgrades have improved security. 

  • Make sure you have an anti-virus program on your computer (FortiClient), and keep the virus definitions updated.

  • Be suspicious of links. Malware usually comes from the action of the user clicking on something. Hover over a link to see exactly where it directs you.

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