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Making a Copy
Instructions for how to make a copy on a Kyocera copier.
Step 1:Take your document to the copier.Step 2:Place document FACE UP in the copier tray. Depending on which version you have, you may place the document vertical or horizontal in the tray.Step 3:Log in to the copier.
For instructions on how to log in, check out the Copier Login article.

Step 4:Copy will be the default screen that appears.
Step 5:On the copier keypad, select the number of copies you would like to make. 
A single copy (1) is the default. To make more copies, you must enter the number of copies you would like.
Step 6:Press the Start button.
Step 7:The copier will make copies of your document.Step 8:Log out of the copier by pressing the LOGOUT button.

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