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Magnify Text - Outlook
The font for the list of messages in your mailbox is very small, and it may be difficult to see the subject and sender. Here's how to magnify the text of the list of messages so that it's easier to read your mailbox in Outlook 2010.

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Magnify Mailbox Text
Magnify While Reading
Magnify While Composing

Magnify Mailbox Text

Step 1:
Open Outlook to your mailbox.

Step 2:Click the View tab and select the View Settings button from the Current View group.

Step 3:Choose Other Settings...

Step 4:
Remove the check from Automatic column sizing in the Column Headings and Rows group. Click Column Font...

Step 5:Choose a bigger font size, then click OK.

Step 6:
Click Row Font...

Step 7:Choose a bigger font size, then click OK.

Step 8:Click OK on the Other Settings window.

Step 9:
Click OK on the Advanced View Settings Window.

Step 10:
The list of messages in the mailbox will be magnified.

Magnify While Reading
Here's how to zoom in on the text within an email you have received.

Using Mouse Scroll Wheel:In the Reading Pane or the Message view, click on the text area. Hold the [Ctrl] key and use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out.

Using Zoom Slider:In the Reading Pane, use the zoom slider control in the bottom right corner to zoom in and out.

Magnify While Composing
You can permanently change the size of your font for messages that you create or reply to.

Step 1:Click the File tab and choose Options.
Step 2:Click on the Mail menu from the left pane. Click Signatures... in the Compose messages section.
Step 3:Choose the Personal Stationary tab.
Step 4:Click the Font... button under New mail messages.
Step 5:Select the font size, then click OK.
Step 6:Click the Font... button under Replying or forwarding messages. Select the font size and click OK.
Step 7:Click OK on the Signatures and Stationary window.
Step 8:Click OK on the Outlook Options window.

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