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Kurzweil Mac Access - Kurzweil
How to use Kurzweil from a Mac through Remote Desktop Connection.
Step 1:Download and install (free) Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac 2 from the web at 2:Open your Applications folder and select Remote Desktop Connection.

Open Remote Desktop Connection
Step 3:In the Computer text box, type "ECStudent-ts" and click Connect.

Enter "ECStudent-ts" and Connect
Step 4:Enter your Etown network username and password. Name the domain as "jaynet". Click OK, then Connect.

Enter Etown Network Information
Step 5:When the remote desktop appears, maximize the window.

Maximize Remote Desktop Window
Step 6:Click the Start menu button, then choose All Programs and Kurzweil.

Start Menu
Step 7:The first time you use Kurzweil, enter your username. All subsequent times, select your name from the list. Step 8:To close remote desktop connection, close any running programs. Click the Start menu button, then select Shut Down.

Shut Down
Step 9:Click OK.

Log Off Desktop Connection

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