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Locked Out of Account - Network
Why you get locked out of your Etown network account and how you can fix it. 
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You will notice that your account is locked when you are unable to sign into any Etown websites (Canvas, JayWeb, OWA Email) or log on to a college-owned computer.

  • You try too many times to log in with your Etown network username and password. Your account will be locked after 20 invalid attempts within 30 minutes. Click here for more information about passwords. 

  • You recently changed your network password and haven't changed it for your email access on all of your devices. Your password is used to access your email, which you may use on devices like computers, cell phones, and tablets. After you change your password, you must update any devices that automatically connect to your email. Otherwise, the devices will continually try to use your old password to access your email. Your account will eventually be locked because the old password has been tried too many times. 
  • Contact the Help Desk to quickly have your account unlocked. Call 717-361-3333 or email with your Etown username. You can also stop by the Help Desk in Nicarry 125 to have your account unlocked and receive help with your devices. 

  • Check the password on your devices that automatically connect to your email. You must change the email password on those devices each time you change your password.

  • After the account is locked, you can wait two hours without any more log in attempts, and the account will unlock itself.

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