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Lock the Computer - Mac OS X
Lock your Mac while leaving the computer turned on so that when you walk away from it no one else can use it.

Activate the feature.
You'll only have to do this one time.

Step 1:
Go to System Preferences – Click the Apple, select System Preferences…

Step 2:
Under Personal, select Security & Privacy.

Step 3:General tab is selected. Click on the lock button in order to change these settings.

Step 4:Enter your password, then click Unlock.

Step 5:
Check all the boxes displayed below.

Step 6:Click Set Lock Message…
Type the message and then click OK and click the lock button to save the changes.

Step 7:Lock is activated, changes are saved. 
Step 8:Close Security & Privacy window.
Lock the Computer Before Walking Away from Your Computer
Step 1:Press Control + Shift + Eject.
If there is no eject key on the keyboard, the command is Control + Shift + Power.

Step 2:“You’ll see your Mac’s display shut off immediately and the screen will go black while the system continues to run in the background.” (Info thanks to
Unlock the Computer
Step 1:Press any key. Step 2:Enter your password. 

Step 3:Press return. Step 4:The Mac is unlocked.
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