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Linked Notes - OneNote
If you copy/paste your notes from a website, the link to that website will automatically be included in your notes for future reference. This article shows OneNote 2016, but the process works the same in OneNote 2010 & 2013.
Step 1:Open your notebook in OneNote and the website from which you want to copy notes. You may dock OneNote to your desktop for easier access to the website.
Step 2:
Highlight the text you wish to copy from the website, then right click and select Copy.
Step 3:
Click in your notebook where you would like to paste the text. Right click and select Paste: Keep Source Formatting (the leftmost icon under Paste Options).
Step 4:
The text will appear in your notebook. A link to the website source is shown at the bottom of the text. You can click on that link to open the website.

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