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Junk Mail - Outlook
Set your junk mail sensitivity so that you don't get so many junk messages.

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Mark Individual Email
Block All From Sender
Junk Mail Settings

Mark Individual Email

Step 1:Open your Junk Email folder.Step 2:Make sure the message that you want to move to your inbox is selected. Click the Junk icon, then select Not Junk.

Step 4:
That message will now be located in your inbox.
From now on, messages from that sender will appear in your inbox rather than the junk mail folder.

Block All Messages From a Particular Sender

Step 1:Click the message from the sender you want to block.Step 2:Click the Junk icon, then select Block Sender.  Step 3:Future messages from this sender will not appear anywhere in your mailbox.

Junk Mail Settings

 Step 1:Click Junk, located under the Home tab.

Step 2:Click Junk Email Options...

Step 3:
Choose your settings. ITS recommends:
Under the Options tab, select High.
Check Disable links and other…
Check Warn me about…
Click Apply, then OK.

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