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Junk Mail Online - Outlook
If any mail is suspected as junk, it will automatically be placed in the Junk Email folder. Sometimes a message may appear in the junk folder even if it isn't junk, so you should occasionally check your junk folder. Here's how to move a message out of the junk folder, and how to empty the junk folder. 

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Move Message Out of Junk Mail       Empty Junk Folder 

Move Message Out of Junk Folder

Step 1:Open the Junk Email folder. 

Step 2:Select the message that you wish to move. 

Step 3:
Click Move at the top of the window and choose a location such as Inbox

Step 4:
The message will now appear in the selected folder in order based on the selected filter (date by default). 

Empty Junk Folder

Step 1:
Open your mailbox in OWA. Step 2:Open the Junk Folder. 

Step 2:Click Empty Folder. 

You can also right click on Junk Email in the menu on the left and select Empty Folder.

Step 3:The junk emails are now deleted. 

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