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JClock Content Issues
Internet Explorer recently upgraded to version 11. If you use IE to edit the time card in JClock, you won't be able to edit it. The other "Look up" functions don't work properly either. You will need to turn compatibility view on for the site to function properly. 
Warning: Other sites may not display correctly with compatibility view on, JayWeb for example. See the steps to turn off compatibility view for those sites. 

Note: This issue only occurs when you go to You can use the other JClock portal here to avoid the issue altogether. 

When you log into JClock, you can't edit the Time Card. 

Can't Edit Timecard

The other "Look up" functions don't work properly when you click on them. 

Look up Functions

Solution:Follow the instructions here to turn on compatibility view in IE 11. Once it is turned on, you can edit the time card and the "Look up" functions will work properly. 
Normal Time Card

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