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iOS Version 14 Wi-Fi Fix

With the release of iOS 14, users have had issues reconnecting to Etown's secure Wi-Fi. Here is how to fix those issues and reconnect to the Wi-Fi.

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 Reset Wi-Fi Settings (Preferred Method)   Disable Private Address

Reset Wi-Fi Settings (Preferred Method)

Step 1:Go to the Settings app.

Step 2:Tap General.

Step 3:Scroll to the bottom and tap Reset.

Step 4:Tap Reset Network Settings.

Step 5:Enter your passcode if you have one.

Step 6:Tap Reset Network Settings

Step 7:Go back to the main Settings page and tap Cellular.

Step 8:Scroll to the bottom and turn off Wi-Fi Assist.

Step 9:Perform the steps found here to reconnect to the Wi-Fi.

Disable Private Address

ITS recommends only using this method if the one above does not work.

Step 1:Go to Settings.

Step 2:Tap Wi-Fi.

Step 3:Tap the icon.

Step 4: Turn off Private Address.

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