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Install Jabber - PC
How to install Cisco Jabber on your PC.

Jabber's features must be enabled at the network level for each user. If you're a new Jabber user, please contact the Help Desk (ex.3333) to request this feature.

Step 1:Open the Applications network drive.

Step 2:
Double click the Cisco Phone Apps folder. 

Step 3:Double click the Cisco Jabber folder.

Step 4:Select Latest version 10.6.3
Step 5:Double click CiscoJabberSetup.msi

Step 6:Click Accept and Install.

Step 7:When the install is done, click Finish

Step 8:When Jabber opens, enter your Etown email address and click Continue.

Step 9:Enter your Etown password and click Sign In.

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