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Install Current Version - Java
How to install the current version of Java on your computer. 

Note: When you install the newest version of Java, it is recommended that you uninstall old versions to increase computer security. 
Step 1:
Open your web browser. Go to 2:Click on the appropriate download link for your operating system. If you are unsure which download to choose, click the "Which should I choose?" link for assistance.
Note: Most Windows PCs on campus are running a 64-bit browser.
Java Download Links

Step 3:Locate and click to open the download from the browser. 

Step 4:If prompted, enter your username and password. 
Step 5:
Click Install on the Java Setup window. 

Step 6:Java will begin to install. 

Step 7:Click Close when it is finished installing. 

Step 8:Verify that you installed the current version. 
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