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Insert Online Video - Word
You can insert an online video, such as a YouTube video, into your document. The video will play directly from the document, rather than opening in a web browser. This process works in Word 2016 & 2013.

Step 1:Open your document in Word. Click the Insert tab and select Online Video from the Media group. 

Step 2:Search for a video with Bing or paste a video embed code. This example uses YouTube. Click the YouTube icon at the bottom of the Insert Video window to display the YouTube field option. 

Bing Video Search, Paste Video Embed Code, Add YouTube Field
Step 3:
Type the search terms in the field next to YouTube. Press the [Enter] key or click the Search button. 

Search YouTube
Step 4:
Hover over the video thumbnails to view the title and length. To preview a video, click the magnifying glass icon in the lower right corner of a thumbnail.

Video Title and Length, Preview Video
Click the X in the upper right corner of the preview to close it. 

Close Preview
Step 5:
Select a video thumbnail, then click the Insert button to insert the video into your document. 

Select Thumbnail, Click Insert Button
Step 6:The video will appear in your document where your cursor is located. Click the Play button on the video to open the video player. 
Click Play Button to Open Video Player

Step 7:
Select the Play button in the video player to play the video. 

Click Play Button
Step 8:
To exit the video player, click outside of the video or press the [Esc] key. 
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