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InfoMaker: Remove Time - Excel
Instructions on how to remove the time from an InfoMaker spreadsheet exported to Excel. InfoMaker includes the time as 00:00:00, but you don't need this. Because the data is read by Excel as text, you can't format the column to only show the date.

Step 1:Open the InfoMaker spreadsheet in Excel. 

Step 2:Right click on any cell in the column to the right of the date/time column. Choose Insert...
Step 3:Select Entire column. Click OK

Step 4:A blank column will be inserted to the right of the date/time column. 

Step 5:Place your cursor over the letter label of the date/time column. The cursor will turn into a down arrow. Click to select the entire column. 

Step 6:Click the Data tab. Select Text to Columns in the Data Tools group. 

Step 7:Select Delimited and click Next>

Step 8:Check Tab and Space in the Delimiters section. Click Next>

Step 9:Click Finish.

Step 10:Click OK

Step 11:Right click on the column that now displays only the time. Choose Delete.

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