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Import Word Document - Publisher
You can import a Word document into Publisher and avoid typing the already existing text, then format and design your existing content in Publisher. This process also works in Publisher 2013 & 2010.
Step 1:Open Microsoft Publisher. It will automatically open to the new document page. If Publisher is already open, click the File tab and select New

Step 2:

Click Built-in.

Step 3:Click Import Word Documents.

Step 4:

Choose a template for your document. If you want to import your document without a template, select Blank.
You can also scroll down to the Blank Sizes section and select a specific paper size and layout for your document.

Step 5:In the pane on the right, choose a color and font scheme, as well as any other customization options such as page size and columns. 
If you choose to include a title page, check Include title page and select a title page from the pane on the left. 

Step 6:
Click Create

Step 7:
Select a Word document from your computer. Click OK.

Step 7:
Publisher will begin converting the file.
Step 8:When it is finished converting, the document will appear in Publisher.

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