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Image/Text Wrap - Word
How to wrap the text around an image and the different wrapping options. This process also works in Word 2013 & 2010.

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Adjusting Text Wrap
Image/Text Relationship More Wrapping Layout Options         

Adjusting Text Wrap

Method 1:Select the image by clicking on it. The Picture Tools Context sensitive tab appears, displaying  the Format ribbon. Under the Format tab, click Text Wrapping in the Arrange group.

Method 2:When the image is selected, a Wrap tool appears. Click the Wrap tool and select a style.

Image/Text Relationship
 Here are the relationships of image to text when selecting text wrapping. In line with Text:
In Line With Text
Square:Text wraps around the image.
Tight:Instead of a rectangular distance from the text,

the text is allowed to fit close to the boundaries of the image.

Behind Text:The image appears behind the text. The image can be dimmed so the text can be read easily.

Behind Text
In Front of Text:The image appears in front of the text.

In Front of Text
Top and Bottom:The text stops above the picture and continues again under the picture.

Top and Bottom
Through:The text stops on the left side of the picture and continues on the right side of the picture.


More Wrapping Layout Options
Double click on the picture and choose Wrap Text from the Arrange Group, then click More Layout Options...

Wrapping style:Same options as the drop down list. Wrap text:Block the text from appearing on a specific side. Distance from text:You can enlarge or reduce the amount of space between the image and the text.

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