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Unread Message Notification - iOS
iPhones or iPads with iOS 6 may be telling you that you have unread email messages when you really don't. Here's how to clear the unread message notification, which shows up as a red number above the Mail icon. 
Step 1:On your device, go to Settings. Step 2:
Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Step 3:
Tap the mail account that shows the incorrect unread message notification. Step 4:
Toggle the Mail option OFF
Step 6:
Turn off your iPhone (hold the lock button for a few seconds). Wait 30 seconds, then turn on your iPhone. When it restarts, repeat steps 1-4.Step 7:
Toggle the Mail option ON
Step 8:
Go to your Home screen. Tap the Mail icon to load your mailbox. The incorrect unread message notification will disappear. Adapted from:

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