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Change Email Password
If you have changed your Etown network password from your computer, you will also have to change the password in your existing college email exchange account on your device. Changing your password on your computer does not automatically change the password to Etown email on your device. 

Your mail app will recognize that the password is no longer current and will prompt you to change it. Follow the steps provided to update the password.

In some cases, iOS users receive an error message when trying to update the password. If this occurs, you'll need to remove and re-add the email account to your phone. Follow the steps in this article to re-add the account.

Step 1:When prompted to Enter the password for the Exchange account, choose Edit Settings

This message may present more than one time, choose Edit Settings each time you see the message.

Step 2:In the site, if you are prompted choose the Work of school account option.

Step 3:At the page, enter your new password and choose Sign in.

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