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High Priority Mail Alarm - Outlook
How to set a sound alert for mail marked as high priority in Outlook.

Step 1:
Open Outlook to your Mail. Select the Home tab.

Step 2:
Click Rules in the Move group. Select Manage Rules & Alerts...

Step 3:Click New Rule...

Step 4:Under Start from a blank rule, click Apply rule on message I receive. Click Next >.

Step 5:In the Step 1 box, select marked as importance from the list.

Step 6:
In the Step 2 box, click the importance link.

Step 7:Choose High from the dropdown list and click OK.

Step 8:Click Next >.

Step 9:In the Step 1 box, select play a sound.

Step 10:In the Step 2 box, click the a sound link.

Step 11:Select a sound from the list or any other sound file you may have. Click Open.

Step 12:Click Finish.

Step 13:Click OK.

Step 14:Click Apply then OK.

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