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Shared Mailbox - Outlook
If you have access to a shared/group mailbox, such as a department mailbox, you can add it to your Outlook account so you can see both mailboxes. This process works for Outlook 2016.
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Outlook for Windows
Step 1:Under the File tab, click Info, then Account Settings.

Step 2:Select Account Settings...

Step 3:Click the Email tab, select the Exchange account (it may be a different name), then click Change…

Step 4:Click More Settings…

Step 5:Under the Advanced tab, Click Add…

Step 6:Type the mailbox name. You must know this ahead of time.
Click OK.

Step 7:The added mailbox name will appear in the additional mailboxes list.
Click OK.

Step 8:Click Next>.

Step 9:Click Finish.

Step 10:Click Close.

Step 11:The additional mailbox will appear in the list.

Outlook for Mac

Step 1:In Outlook, click Tools, then Accounts

Step 2:Choose Advanced.

Step 3:Click the Delegates option at the top, click the + sign at the bottom in the People I am a delegate for area.

Step 4:In the Choose a Person window, enter the name of the Shared Mailbox, click on the option when it appears in the list, and click Add.

Step 5: Click OK to close the Delegates window.

Step 6:Close the Accounts window. The shared mailbox will appear on the left side of your Outlook window.

Outlook Web App

Step 1:
Log into your email in OWA (

Step 2:In the top right corner of the OWA window, you will see your image, or your initials. Click it, then click Open another mailbox.

Step 3:In the resulting box, type the email address of the group or club. As you type the address, suggestions will appear. Click on the correct group or club name.

Step 5:Click Open.

Step 6:The group or club mailbox will open in another tab of your browser.

Mobile Device

You can check the shared email account from your phone or tablet's web browser. 

Step 1:Open the web browser on your device. Go to

Step 2:
Log in to your Etown email account. 

Step 3:

In the address bar, type the name of the entire shared email address after "owa/". For example:, where "" is the shared email address. 

Step 4:

Press Go or Enter to open the new URL in your browser, which will redirect you to the shared mailbox.
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