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Grade Overview - Turnitin
The Grade Overview page allows you to grade an assignment and leave General or Voice comments.
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Access Grade Overview Grade Paper (with rubric) 
Edit Grade  Voice Comment
General Comment

Access Grade Overview

Step 1: Open and sign in to the Turnitin app.  Step 2: Navigate to the submission you wish to grade. Tap the Grade Overview icon in the top right corner. You can also swipe from the right edge with one finger to open Grade Overview.

Grade Overview Icon

Grade Paper (with rubric)
If you have created a rubric for the assignment (which must be done online through the Turnitin website), you can grade the submission with the rubric.

Step 1:Tap Open Rubric on the Grade Overview page. 

Open Rubric
Step 2:
Tap on the score for each category on the rubric. The grade percentage will be calculated automatically. 

Tap Score on Rubric
Step 3:
Select Apply % to Grade in the upper right corner to apply the rubric markings to the overall paper grade. 

Apply % to Grade

Edit Grade

Step 1: To edit a grade or override rubric scoring, tap Edit Grade on the Grade Overview page. 

Edit Grade
Step 2:
Type a new number in the Edit Grade box. Tap anywhere outside the box to save the score. 

Type New Number

Voice Comment
You can leave a voice comment for students to play back when they receive the grade for their assignment. This can be up to three minutes long.

Step 1: In the Grade Overview page, tap the record icon next to Voice Comments. 

Record Voice Comment
Step 2:
Begin to say your comments. You can view the paper while talking by tapping the Back button. You can also swipe from left to right with one finger to bring up the paper. 

Back Button to View Paper
Step 3:
You can see that the comment is recording while viewing the paper. 

Comment is Recording
Step 4: Back on the Grade Overview page, you can press the stop icon to stop and save your recording, or wait until three minutes is up. 

Stop Icon

General Comment
You can also leave feedback in a text comment for students when they receive their grade. 

Step 1: In the Grade Overview page, tap the pencil icon next to General Comments. 

Pencil Icon for General Comment
Step 2:
Type your comment. Tap Done when you are finished. 

Type Comment and Tap Done


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