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Google Home
How to set up your Google Home on EC_GUEST_WIFI.

Step 1: Plug in your Google Home. Download the app from your device's app store. When the Home device lights up, it is ready to connect.
Step 2:In the app, you'll see a prompt to set up your device. Click Set up.

Step 3:Tap Yes.

Step 4:Wait for the devices to connect. When you hear the sound, tap Yes. If you don't hear anything, tap Retry until you do. 

Step 5:Choose a location for your Home device.

Step 6:Click the three dots in the top corner.

Step 7:Tap Show MAC address.

Step 8:Copy the MAC address. Register your device with ITS here. In the app, tap OK to close the window.

Step 9:Select EC_GUEST_WIFI and click Next.

Step 10:Continue set-up by selecting your personal settings. Your device should now connect to Etown's network. 

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