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Get Rid of Start Menu - Office Applications
When you open an Office program such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, or Publisher, a Start menu is displayed with file templates. To disable this Start menu and automatically display a blank file, follow these instructions. This article shows Office 2016, but the process also works in Office 2013.
The instructions are the same for any Office program, however, you must do this for every program individually.
Step 1:
The Start menu will be displayed automatically. Select Blank Workbook to begin. In Word, select Blank Document. In PowerPoint, select Blank Presentation.
Step 2:Go to the File tab.

Step 3:
Then select Options.

Step 4:
Go to General. Under General you will see Start Up Options at the bottom. Click the box labeled Show the Start screen when this application starts so it is unchecked. To enable the Start menu, navigate to here and check the box. Press OK and the Start menu will not appear the next time you open that Office Program.

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