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Free/Busy Options - Outlook
You have Free/Busy time options in Outlook Calendar that dictate when you are available for meetings. By default, only 2 months of free/busy information is published, so if someone is trying to schedule you for a meeting in 3 months, they are unable to do so. Here's how to change the amount of free/busy time that is published.
Step 1:Open Outlook. Step 2:Click the File tab and choose Options.

Step 3:Select the Calendar menu from the left pane.

Step 4:Click Free/Busy Options... in the Calendar options section.

Step 5:
Choose Other Free/Busy... from the Read group.

Step 6:In the Options section, choose the number of months of free/busy information you would like to publish. Click OK.

Step 7:Click OK on the Calendar Properties window.

Step 8:Click OK on the Outlook Options window.

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