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FortiClient VPN for Smartphones
This page provides instruction for installing the FortiClient VPN software on your smartphone.  For more information on using VPN, see the page entitled Virtual Private Network.
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FortiClient VPN App - iPhone    FortiClient VPN App - Android 

FortiClient VPN App for iPhone

Step 1:Download the FortiClient VPN app from the App Store.

Step 2:Open the FortiClient VPN app and accept the terms of agreement
Step 3:Tap I accept to enable the use of the free app. 

Step 4:Tap Allow to allow access to VPN configurations.

You may be prompted to enter the passcode/password for your phone to allow the access to the VPN Configuration. 

Step 5:Tap Connections
Step 6:Tap Add Configuration.
Step 7:
Enter the following information:
1. Name: Etown
2. Host:
3. User: your username, including
Tap Save.

Do not change any other information on this screen. 

Step 8:Tap the VPN toggle.
Step 9:Confirm your username, enter your password, and tap OK.
Step 10:Enter your Microsoft verification (MFA) code, then tap OK
Step 11:The app will show the Connected status.
Step 12:When you're finished with the VPN connection, tap the VPN toggle to disconnect. 

Configure the FortiClient VPN App - Android

Step 1:Download the FortiClient VPN app from the Play Store.

Step 2:Open the FortiClient VPN app and tap OK to enable the use of the free app.

Step 3:Tap Deny to disable the access of photos and media (the VPN connection does not require these).

Step 4:Enter Etown, select SSL VPN and tap Create.

Step 5:Enter the server name:

Do not change any other information on this screen. 

Step 6:Tap Etown to connect.

Step 7:
Tap OK
Step 8:
Enter your username and password. Tap Login.
Step 9:Enter the Microsoft verification (MFA) code. Tap OK.
Step 10:The app will show the connection status. Tap Disconnect to close the VPN connection.

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