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Formatting - Word
How to format a Word document. Courses often require different settings for research papers with different margins or line spacing. Instructions on how to adjust these settings in Microsoft Word are below.

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Line Spacing Margins Headers and Page Numbers Specific Styles

Line Spacing

Step 1:Click on the line spacing button on the paragraph section of the ribbon, then click Line Spacing Options...

Step 2:Under Line Spacing, click the drop down menu and select the option(s) you desire.

Check to be sure the Spacing before and after fields are set to 0 pt. or you will have additional space.


Step 1:Click on the Page Layout tab on the ribbon. Click Margins.

Step 2:Select the option you desire or click custom to set up your own margin widths.

Headers and Page Numbers

Step 1:Click on the Insert tab on the ribbon. Click Header or Page Number depending on what you want to do.

Step 2:Select the option(s) you want for your document.
If you have already typed anything in the header/footer before inserting a page number, it is recommended that you use the "current position" option so that typed content doesn't get deleted.

Specific Styles

For more information on settings for particular styles, such as MLA or APA, visit
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