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Forgotten Password - Network
If you have forgotten your network password, you can now reset it through Office365. You need to have added an alternate contact before you can use this tool. This page provides instructions for setting up the alternate contact and using the Office 365 tool to reset your password.

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Set Up Alternate Contact
Step 1:

Connect to the alternate authentication page in Office 365. You will be prompted to sign into your email account, or to re-enter your credentials if you're already signed in. 

Step 2:

Enter an Authentication Phone or Email by choosing the "Set it up now" option. After entering the information, you'll receive a verification code to enter to confirm your ownership of the alternate account. 

Step 3:

After completing the verification process(es), click Finish to save the settings. 

Reset Your Password

Step 1:Connect to OWA. Click Can't access your account? on the sign-in page.

Step 2:Select Work or school account.

Step 3:Type your Etown email address into the ID box and enter the characters. Click Next.

Step 4:Select the method to receive a reset code. These instructions use email.

Step 5:Enter the code sent to you and click Next.

Step 6:Enter your new password twice and click Finish.

You will be given the new password. After it has been reset, log in to OWA with the new password. It will prompt you to change your password immediately. 

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