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Filter a List - Excel
If you have a lengthy list in Excel and sort it to find records (rows), you can instead use a Filter to omit any records (rows) that don’t meet your requirements. It's easy and you won't lose any data. If you want to only print specific data, filtering the data will only print the data you select. This process also works in Excel 2013.
Filtering a List

Step 1:Click in any cell that contains data.

Step 2:Select the Data tab and click Filter.

Step 3:
A small triangle will appear on the right side of each column title. Click the triangle next to the column you wish to filter.

Step 4:Uncheck Select All. Check each box next to the data that you want to show, then click OK.
The unchecked data will be hidden and only the checked data will be displayed.

Step 7:
To remove the filter, click the Data tab again and select Filter.

Find out more at the Microsoft webpage.

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