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Faculty To Do List - Canvas
Here are a few important "To Do" items related to our Canvas learning management system for faculty to review before the start of a new semester.

1. Faculty need to publish their course in order for students to be able to see the content posted there. Here's How to Publish a Course.
  • If you don’t plan to use your Canvas course, then you can leave it unpublished.
2. Students can’t see the course navigation areas that are lighter gray with an asterisk at the end.  Make sure everything you want students to access lives in MODULES. Here's How to Add Content to a Module.

3. If you have lots of files that you want to add to your course quickly, you can do a bulk upload to the Files area and then later link to them in Modules. Here's how to Upload Files to Your Course.

4. You will want to check that your notification preferences are configured the way you want them so you get emails about what you want. Remind students to do this, too! Here's how to Set Notification Preferences.

5. Be sure to customize the information on the home page of each of your courses. Here are instructions on how to Edit the Syllabus/Home Page and Linking to Files

6. The Inbox is a powerful communication tool. Use it to email individual students, entire classes, specific sections or groups of students. Using the Inbox
  • If your course is not published, the Inbox will not yet be usable for that course.
7. Faculty can copy a Canvas course from one semester or course to another. Here are instructions on Copying a Canvas Course.

Do you see a course in your Canvas dashboard that you aren't actually teaching this semester? Once courses are created in Canvas, (16 weeks before the beginning of each semester) the original instructor is not automatically deleted. Email Linda Macaulay ( and she can remove you from the course.  

We offer self-paced, self-enroll Canvas Basics and Canvas Advanced online courses.  Contact Linda Macaulay to schedule a time if you would like to meet for one-on-one support or a small group live training session and course design help. Here is the ITS Workshop Schedule.  

Interested in reading more about the Canvas Implementation on campus as well as weekly tips and updates to Canvas? Read the Etown Canvas Implementation Page for more information.

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