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Eyedropper Tool - PowerPoint
You can use the eyedropper tool to capture a color from anywhere on a slide and apply it to any selection. This example uses the eyedropper to capture a color from an image and apply it to the slide title.

The eyedropper tool is found under Shape Fill, Shape Outline, Font Fill, and Font Outline.

Step 1:Select the object to which you want to apply a specific color. The example uses text.

Step 2:
With the object selected, you will have access to the Drawing Tools Format tab on the ribbon. Select the menu from which you want to access the eyedropper (Shape Fill, Shape Outline, Font Fill, Font Outline). The example uses Shape Fill for coloring the text box. Select Eyedropper.

Note: Press the [Esc] key if you want to exit the eyedropper tool while it's in use.

Step 3:
Your cursor will become an eyedropper, and you can hover over an area on the slide to preview the color. Click once you are hovered over the color you would like to apply.

Step 4:Your selection will become the color you applied.

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