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Export Contact Group to Excel - Outlook
How to transfer names and addresses inside a Contact Group from Outlook to Excel.

Step 1:Open Outlook to your Contacts.

Step 2:Open the Contact Group that you wish to export.

Step 3:In the Contact Group window, click the File tab and choose Save As.
Step 4:Next to Save as type, choose Text Only (*.txt) from the dropdown list.
Step 5:Choose a name and location for the file. Click Save. You may close the Contact Group.
Step 6:Open Excel. Under the File tab,choose Open, then click Browse.
Step 7:Click the dropdown list labeled All Excel Files.

Step 8:Select Text Files.
Step 9:Navigate to the location where you saved the Contact Group text file. Select the file and click Open.

Step 10:Select Delimited. Choose the row at which you want to start the import. Click Next >.
Note: Select Row 5 if you wish to eliminate the title and subheading of the Contact Group and only import the contact information.
Click Next>.
Step 11:Choose your Delimiters. Check Tab to separate name from email. Additionally check Comma if you would like to separate last name from first name. Click Next>.
Step 12:Make sure the Column data format is General. Click Finish.

Step 13:The Contact Group will be listed in Excel. Widen the columns if needed to see all of the information.

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