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EverySlide is an online application that lets you create interactive polls that can be used in presentations with several options for participation from respondents.

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How To Add A Presentation Creating A Quiz Instant Polls Video

How To Add A Presentation

Step 1:Using PowerPoint or another slideshow creator, create your presentation as you normally would.

Step 2:
Upload your presentation to

Step 3: will generate a URL with your presentation so that audience members can view the slideshow on their devices.The URL will be visible at the top of the screen once you start your presentation.

Step 4:
Your slideshow is now ready for use.

Creating A Quiz

Step 1:Upload your slideshow.

Step 2:
Click Quizzes.

Step 3:
Select the sections on each slide that students can click on. For questions with a correct answer, only select the area on the slide that holds the correct answer.

Step 4:
Click Save and go back once you have finished selecting the areas for response on each slide.

Step 5
Your quiz is now ready for your presentation.

Instant Polls

You can also create three different types of instant polls during your presentation. These are created directly on the presentation screen.
Step 1:Click Start Slideshow.

Step 2:Navigate to the slide you wish to create an instant poll on.

Step 3:
Click on the list button at the top of the presentation screen.

Step 4:An Instant Poll box will appear. Write your question in the Question box.

Note: You do not have to type a question in the box if you are asking the question verbally or if the question is typed on the slide.

Step 5:Select which type of poll you want.

Step 6:Input the answer choices.

Note: This is optional. You can leave the answer choices blank and participants will click anywhere on the slide to answer you indicated as acceptable in the quizzing feature instead.

Step 7Click Start Poll. The poll will appear on the presentation screen and participants can respond by clicking the answer on their devices.

To find out more about EverySlide, watch the promotional video.

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