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Etown Schedule Generator
Students can now use the Etown Schedule Generator in order to make up class schedules before registering for classes. It is an easy, convenient way to explore all the scheduling options for the next semester.

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Adding Courses      
Viewing Possible Schedules    

Visit to use the schedule generator. You DO NOT need to log in to Jayweb to use the Etown Schedule Generator.

Adding Courses to the Generator

Step 1:Navigate to the Etown Schedule Generator.

Step 2:Click the Search button.

Step 3:Select the Department for the subject of the course you'd like to add.

Step 4:Choose any additional options.

Step 5:Select SEARCH.

Step 6:A pop up will appear with matching course listings. Choose Select next to the course you'd like to add.

Step 7:Click the +ADD button to include them in the scheduler.

Step 8:Repeat for other courses you're interested in taking.

Viewing Possible Schedules

Step 1:After you've selected the courses you'd like to take, click on the SUBMIT button.

Step 2:A new screen will appear with possible schedules. The navigation bar is located below the schedule.

Step 3:Use the Arrows at the bottom of the screen to navigate between schedule options.


If two courses you've selected occur at the same time, you will get a pop up which reads "Sorry, there are no possible schedules for the selected courses."

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