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Endnotes - Word
How to insert an Endnote and change the number format. Endnotes go directly to the end of the whole document, whereas a footnote goes to the end of each individual page. This process also works in Word 2013 & 2010.
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Insert Endnote       Change Endnote Number Format 

Insert Endnote

Step 1:In the body of the document, click where you want the endnote number to appear.
Place Cursor

Step 2:
Select the References tab and click Insert Endnote.

Step 3:
A small, superscripted number will appear where the cursor was located. A horizontal bar will appear at the bottom of the text. The matching superscripted number appears under the bar.

Step 4:
Type the Endnote next to the corresponding number at the bottom of the page.
Type Endnote

Step 5:
Repeat all steps for inserting more Endnotes. Numbering will resolve itself automatically.
Insert More Endnotes

Change Endnote Number Format
For example, instead of i,ii,iii, you would like 1,2,3.

Step 1:Select the References tab and click the Footnotes dialog box launcher.

Step 2:
Choose your number format from the dropdown list next to Number format.

Step 3:
Click Apply.

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