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Encrypt PDF Files - Adobe Acrobat Pro
You can encrypt PDF files using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. This allows you to put a password on these files for added security. To open the file, you must have the password. This will also work in Acrobat X Pro.

Step 1:Open your PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.Step 2:Click the Tools menu in the upper left corner. 

Step 3:
Scroll down and click Protect

Step 4:
Click Encrypt, then 2 Encrypt with Password

Step 5:
Click Yes to allow the change in security.  

Step 6:Check Require a password to open the document. Type the password in the box.
Step 7:Check if you want to restrict editing and printing of the document. You can add a separate password for these features.

Step 8:

Choose your encryption settings, including compatibility and document components to encrypt, then click OK.

Step 9:

Enter the password you set to open the document. Click OK.

Step 10:
Click OK.
Step 11:
Enter the password you set to edit and print the document. Click OK.
 Step 12:
You will be notified that you have to save the document for changes to apply. Click OK, and be sure to save the file.

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