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Email Safety
Here are some things you can do to protect your email account and watch out for malicious content in incoming email messages.

Note: If you receive a suspicious email message, please report it using the Phish Alert Button (PAB).
  • Have more than one email address, in case one gets hacked. 

  • Use a secure password, and change it regularly. Learn more about password safety

  • Be careful of emails that ask for personal information. This is usually a phishing attempt.

  • Never click on links included in spam messages. If you receive a message from someone you know, and it only contains a link, it is probably spam. It's best to check with the sender, and let him or her know that the account may have been hacked.

  • Be cautious of attachments that you aren't expecting, especially from a sender you don't know. Don't click on it if it looks at all suspicious. Attachments that end in .exe are almost always malicious. 

  • Report spam or phishing to your email provider to help prevent future attacks. 

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