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Email Quarantine
Email quarantine allows users to have more control over email.  These email notifications can help users determine if a message should be delivered to their inbox or not.
ITS uses Barracuda appliances to help to filter out emails that are likely junk.  However, sometimes messages that should get through, might get blocked.  To allow users more visibility into messages, ITS has implemented a quarantine email system.  

This guide describes how you can use the Barracuda Email Security Gateway web interface to:

  • Check your quarantined messages
  • Classify messages as Spam and Not Spam
  • Manage whitelisting and blocklisting email addresses
  • Modify your User Preferences
Some things to keep in mind:
  • Users will not be able to reset their password within the quarantine system since it is linked with our single sign-on process.
  • Users will receive daily quarantine email notifications only when they have a message in quarantine unless they change their own notification preferences.
  • Users who want to look at messages in quarantine may do so directly at:
  • If users see a message that was blocked that is believed to be a message that should have been delivered, contact the ITS Help Desk at x3333 or
This video explains how to use the online interface to manage email.
This video explains what the Barracuda does to protect us from malicious email.

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