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Email Merge - Publisher
How to use the email merge feature. This allows you to address or personalize a document for multiple recipients and format it for an email. You can use an existing contact list, select contacts from Outlook, enter individual recipients or use an Excel worksheet. This process also works in Publisher 2013 & 2010.

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Email Merge
Email Merge with Attachments

Email Merge

Step 1:Open the document you wish to use with mail merge. Select the Mailings tab.

Step 2:

Click the Email Merge dropdown list. Select Step by Step Email Merge Wizard...

Step 3:
The Email Merge pane appears on the right. Under Create recipient list, choose how you would like to add your recipients. This example uses Outlook Contacts.

Step 4:
Click Next: Create or connect to a recipient list.

Step 5:

Select the data source and click OK.

Step 6:

The contacts will be imported from your data source. To omit a recipient, uncheck the box next to those recipients you wish to omit.

Step 7:
You can add more recipients from this window as well. Choose an option under Add to recipient list.

Step 8:
Click OK to use these recipients with your mail merge.
Step 9:
The mail merge wizard will detect the components of your recipient list. First click in the place where you want the field to appear and then click on the field you would like to insert.

Step 10:You can move the field to the another location by clicking and dragging the text box.

Step 11:
Add the other fields by placing your cursor where you would like them to appear, then click on the field in the Mail Merge pane.

Step 12:You can see how the recipient information will appear by clicking the arrows under Preview recipient in the Mail Merge pane (you may need to save the document first).

Step 13:
Click Next: Create merged publications.

Step 14:Choose to send the email, preview it, or use Design Checker to solve any issues with the email. 

Mail Merge with Attachments

Step 1:In your completed document, click the Mailings tab. Click Email Merge.

Step 2:Click Email Merge.

Step 3:Choose Select Recipients, then Use an Existing List... Browse to the location of the mail merge recipients and select the list.

Step 4:In the Mail Merge Recipients window, you can select or deselect any recipients from the list. You can also see these options in the Edit Recipient List area. Click OK when you are done.

Step 5:If desired, add any Merge Fields into the body of the document using the Insert Merge Field option.

Step 6:Choose Finish and Merge.

Step 7:Click Send Email Messages...

Step 8:In the Merge to Email window, click Options> >.

Step 9:In the attachments area, use the Add… button to select any files to attach to the email.

Step 10:When the message has been configured completely, choose Send.

Step 11:Click OK.

Step 12:Click OK.

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