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Effective Transitions - Prezi
Want to avoid making people sick who view your Prezis? Effective transitions will help.
Tips and Tricks for Transitions:

Proximity - If objects are far apart, transitions will be fast and abrupt. Smoother transitions will occur for objects that are closer together. You can place objects at different distances to create different types of movement.

Tip: For smooth transitions, create path points that are close together.

-  Rotations that are 90-180 degrees can be overwhelmingly dizzy. You can use rotation to symbolize a change in direction.

Tip: Small rotations (under 90 degrees)avoid confusing and disorienting transitions. It's best to use rotation only when it adds to your message.

- Too much zooming in and out of scattered objects makes for fast transitions. Use logical structures of different sizes for smooth transitions. Zooming out can be used to recap, and zooming in can reveal objects when they become relevant.

Tip: Try not to scatter your content all over your canvas.